Becoming An Escort

Few Things to consider while becoming an escort

Well, becoming an escort is a profession where there are so many misconceptions and myths floating around. Frequently girls enter into the escorting world without really understanding what escorting is all about. Here are some important things that you must know if you’re thinking about being an escort.

Sex, sex, and only sex

It is a myth that escorts only provide sex. A number of businessmen book escort services for different reasons including travelling and dinner dates. Certainly a number of Delhi escorts give hourly services and engage with numerous customers per day. Well, escorts get more payment as they give customers with far more services than only sex. They give attention and companionship, which makes men feel good. In several cases with escort girls, sexual service remains only for some minutes, whereas some other things occupy far more of their precious time.


Escort girls are Not Dumb

Delhi Escort girls are always considered as being gorgeous but dumb. This is because of many films showing them as such. Most of the escort girls are highly educated and very intelligent. Also, a few of them have specific graduate degrees. Actually, in today’s world, a highly educated escort demand higher rates for services. Customers are keen to spend more amounts for elite escorts instead of spending on dumb Delhi Escorts. If you think becoming an escort like a business, you’ll be valued by your customers as well. You should be smart enough to perform other work too, that’s why escorts are valued more by clients.

An escort must pay attention to a customer

Many people, who are doubtful of the escorting world, have a tendency to think that as soon as you are paid, you must do what your customers needs. Actually, an escort has further control over her services that she gives to her customers. Being an escort, you can tell your customers about your services. There should be exact terms-and-conditions. Certainly, a number of customers refuse certain escorts, since they do not commence be their terms. But, there are different other customers who know that they spend on an escort for their need and not for doing definite sexual favors.

Escorts should not be zero-sized and blonde

Many girls think that they must have the ideal figure, just for becoming an elite escort. But, this is just one of those mythologies that you have collected from the films that you have seen. Just know that customers who book escort girls usually understand far better than only memories. They spend their money on escorts for the total package. Also, this is where prostitutes and escorts vary hugely from one another. Again, if you believe that you should be very slim like all those models, then you are mistaken. Yes, having the great figure and being beautiful surely assists as an escort. But, what matters a lot is whether you are smart. You should bring yourself properly and show yourself as an elite and pro escort. Customers highly appreciate escorts who place a cost on their service.

How to book escorts in Mumbai online (step by step)

Mumbai Escorts Service

How to book Mumbai Escorts

When you are alone or if you have problems that make you to feel as if you are alone even if you may be with other people, it may be the time to look for someone new who can help you to get peace of mind and to get away of the personal tension and works schedule. In this case, you should look for independent Mumbai escorts or an escort from the escort agency. When you are in Mumbai, you will not be short of the escorts to choose from but you should learn how to book for one.

Decide on what you need

You may be looking for independent or agency escort. If you are not sure of whom you should decide on, then you should base yourself on the basics. You should be aware of how much you are willing to spend and what you want to get from an escort. If you want to get low budget escort, you should look into independent escort but you should also be aware that sometime it may not be safe to deal with them.

Search online

Use online search to get to learn about Mumbai escorts available in the city. You can use any term of what you want such as five star escorts, mature, teen and high profile escort.

You should then read the introduction. You can also visit the websites of the escort and see their condition, charges and the services they offer. This will help you when you contact them since you will not have to ask about the services or charges. Another reason to read the information about the escorts is to be able to differentiate them based on the charges and services to meet your needs.

Check the pictures of the escorts and decide these that have posted genuine pictures or not. Some of the escorts do not use their genuine or real picture. This is to avoid the bootlegging of the pictures and to distribute them online in illegal way. You may not have a chance of seeing the real pictures of the escort before you meet her.

You should not send bulk mails to many escorts since some escorts may have more than one mail and it may not give a good impression if they receive the same email from one person. It is advised to ensure that you choose a genuine escort and to contact only one.

If the escort has a manager, you may have to contact him before talking to the woman. If you are calling instead of emailing, you may talk to someone else than the escort.

Ask the mode of payment and how much you will pay. Sometime the charges are called donation and there are other terms you may have to learn about before you decide to contact an escort.

After booking an escort and talking to her, confirm that you will be there with the time of the meeting.

When you meet the escort, make sure that you behave in proper manner and do not become crazy or wild.

What an escort can give you: Dance, Sex, Role Play, Sexy talk, Party

Escorts are not your hesitant spouses or partners. They are professional experts who take sexual encounters seriously and with a business oriented mindset. There is no end to the perks that you can receive and grab hold of in their company. Any dirty filthy trick or move you enjoy or fetish can be very well entertained by the escort. Some escorts in Mumbai shared about the kind of services that they perform for their customers. These include dirty talking, GFE, lapdance, massages etc. Here is a detailed explanation of the kind of services that you can derive from the escorts.


The very obvious service that an escort gives to any client is a sexual episode. You can fondle and savour her gorgeous body. Enjoy uninterrupted and inhibition free sex. The escort will show all the responses to turn you on and excite you. You can share all your secret fantasies and the escort will make them come true. They take interest in pleasing you and invest all their efforts to give their best service.


You can take an escort out for some party or gathering. You can enjoy a sensual close dance with her. Dance moves increase the intimacy and the constant eye contact makes the partners feel closer to each other. It is an excellent way to shed off the hesitation and get comfortable around the escort.

Maybe in some session you may ask her for a provocative lapdance and enjoy her sexy legs all over you.

 Role Play

Role plays always act as a catalyst in some private session between a customer and an escort. You can assume any character of your choice and play around with the escort. BDSM comes as a popular demand by clients and most independent escorts in Mumbai have mastered this sort of service.

 Sexy Talk

Now you can always flirt with an escort. Many customers find it exciting if the escort shows and expresses the sexual desire for them. It turns them on. You can have a free talk with the escort wherein you flirt, caress or share kisses if you like. It even works to set the mood for you.


Escorts enjoy partying. You can always take her out for some club or formal party and cherish her company. Most Mumbai Escorts have excellent civic sense and social skills. They add a charm to the boring gatherings with their fun attitude. You can also elevate your own self confidence by accompanying a hot chick.

Along with this a sensual edge can be added to such parties. You may share your drink with the escort or embrace her close, feel her warmth and explore her body. Such perks always go handy for you.

Do get hold of some exciting, alluring escort of you want to enjoy these perks and facilities. It is very convenient and the best part is that all these services can be availed at the most affordable rates. So don’t let go of such a promiscuous opportunity.

Difference between independent escorts and agency escorts in Mumbai

If you want to hire escort service in Mumbai, you should know the difference between independent and escorts from agency.

Each option has its own benefits and downside.

Escort agencies are the companies that are used to highlight the features of their services to their clients.  They are the one to deal with the clients in terms of the payment and the location.  The price terms and the payment are handled by the agency.  The Mumbai agency makes sure that the client is happy and that he is satisfied.  This is good for the client since he has a chance of choosing from different escorts and most of the time, the agencies are reputable and legitimate.  However, when compared to independent escorts, the escorts from agency tend to cost high and it can be a problem for some people.

Independent escort, most of the time they are women who were working for agency and then they decide to freelance.  The Independent Escorts in Mumbai work on their own and they are both the employer and employees at the same time. They are the one to handle the transaction and they make arrangements with the clients while the clients will talk to them directly.   Even if this may look simple, it can be hard for them to manage the schedule and to meet up their points. This will cost them the clients.  You have to do better when it comes to pick the best escorts that will suit your needs and you can celebrate fun filled nights if you have an escort with you.

If you know the city, it is better to try out Independent Escorts.  However, deciding on the best Mumbai Escort to book may require patience. You should decide beforehand what you want to get in an escort in terms of personality, body attributes and looks. To be able to achieve the right balance, you will have to do a good research.  You can find the Mumbai escorts service through public hot spots, classified ads or magazines.  You may contact more than one provider and do the screening before booking.   You will have also to decide on the person according to your schedule.   This can take too much of your time and if you do not get the one you want, you may need to continue the search.

Getting an Mumbai escort from an agency is not something hard.  If you call the service, then you only say what you want in the person and they will do the profiling themselves.   The agency makes sure that the escorts have a health card and they will help you if you have any complaint. Besides, the agency has a large number of the providers and you can get anyone you like be it exotic, red head, brunette, blond or stripper. They also cover for VIP if you want to attend a corporate function or a cocktail party.

When you decide to book for independent escort or an escort from a company, it will make a difference in using a straightforward process or frustration.  However, remember that the dealing with an escort from agency will also come with a price.

Discover the Delightfulness of the 5 star Hotels of Delhi; the perfect place to entertain high class escorts

Delhi has played a pivotal role when it comes to providing services to people all around India and naturally, if one craves companionship and intimacy, this is the place to be in. As the capital of the city, it sees a large influx of men each and every day who come here on work and business. But what about those lonely evenings and nights? Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was someone who would help you get to know the city better? And what good would it be if you cannot enjoy the various luxuries that the city has to offer, all of which can be found in the most resounding hotels and resorts of Delhi and its outskirts? The 5 Star Hotels in Delhi will leave you speechless with their styling and dazzling ambience and if you have already figured out a way to take care of your loneliness by hiring a premium high class escort, then you can be sure that there can be no place better for your trysts than these most renowned hotels.

What does the 5 Star Hotels have on Offer?


To start, when you are entertaining high class escorts, then you do need an equally well kept place to enjoy their company. These escorts go out with men who belong to the top rungs of the social ladder and it is expected that you are going to give them an ambience fit for their class. These hotels have luxury suites fit for a king and there can be special arrangements made for you if you have special request like mood lighting, champagne and scented candles. There is good food and great music, all helping you build up a fairytale ambience that will make you feel like you are living a night of dreams. Of course, these services come at a price, but if you are someone who is not willing to settle for anything less than the ordinary, then you know that this is absolutely worth it.

Why would High Class Escorts Love these Hotels?

When you are hiring Delhi Escorts from a premium escort agency, then it is expected that the subsequent arrangements would be made in an equally high profile hotel. The girls cannot be picked from anywhere and nor will they visit any seedy hotel. You many request the escort agency to make bookings and arrangements for you if you are not sure about where to start looking in case you are new to this city. It can be said that the glamour and dreaminess of these hotels is just going to make your session with the escorts a whole lot better. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, dance under the vaulted ceilings of the grand ballrooms and then finally head to the suite for a night of sizzling passion and intimacy the likes of which you could have only fantasized about till now, and you experience them turning into reality.


Young Escorts Delhi Can Offer You Real Girlfriend Experience

The body and mind soothing companionship of females can get you the comfort and pleasure you long for being a grown up male. The young escorts Delhi are the babes who understand the male minds well and it is the reason, as true girlfriends they provide their deluxe companionship to clients so that they can get rid of their stress and tiredness in a mature manner. The intimate companionship of these babes always purify the inner being of any male as the girls offer all their attention and care towards the comfort of their clients. The love and romance these babes provide is always realistic and the clients always get the passionate intimacy that they never get from the other escorts generally. With the right amount of love dose, the hotties win the hearts of their clients and make them feel relaxed and special in their strong embrace.

The young and hot escorts in Delhi location are handpicked by us. The babes are all nice looking and professional players who play the love games with plan. Men find these babes quite sensational as they have striking faces and praiseworthy figures. The sexy avatars of these babes get ideally enhanced because of the fashion and trend they follow. These escort girls take care of their selves professionally so that the clients can always find them well suited as their female companions. All these young escorts are of good quality and maintain a good lifestyle in favor of their profession so that the clients can accept their special services with confidence. The enchanting mistresses know the art of love and seduction, hence they appropriately make the clients comfortable satisfied in their presence. Mesmerizing and charismatic young escorts of Delhi area are not at all hard to get as they are many in numbers and associated with our agency directly.


Hi everyone, I am xyz and I am from Mumbai. I regularly come to Delhi for my business tour and every time I visit delhi  or before living my place for Delhi I call my manager who can handle my stay in Delhi and who arrange an escort girl for me after my work. He books an escort for me according to my free time for pleasure. Because I love delhi girls and always want to spend my free time with a good looking girl. Me and my friends are regular client of an escort service provider agency in Delhi but after some time they lost the reputation in the market because they are not able to offer the same service they are known for.

I am bored from the agency escorts service because every time They send the wrong girl for service and ask the money for high class service this is the main reason that they was lost their reputation in escort service market and after the incident I never get back to any escort agency provider because if you spend your money for someone special and  the girl is not coming that you are looking for and the other girl come to your private hotel room your are feeling lost and thing the money and time is waist here.

Firstly I don’t know what’s the different between independent and agency escort girl because I always prefer a good girl who can give a good service. But one day I search for an escort girl who is not from an agency and I show the Website Independent Escorts in Delhi  who offer escort service independently, before booking I think she is the ordinary girl like other one after I meet I realize there are the only best Delhi Escorts Girl Teena.

Photos Of Teena Vishwas Delhi Escort

Firstly I meet her in my hotel where I am regularly stayed on my Delhi Visit. she come to my hotel room on exact time that she told me and she dressed very well. I never show girl like her who are providing escort services ad dress like a model. She never ask me give me money before service and never in hurry because the former girl who are from the agency always in hurry and always leave the place after the service.

After the some random talk I going with her to dinner and some good places and Delhi come to hotel for some enjoyment she give the exact service that she told me. I never ask her what to do in bed with me she do all the thing that I want from a escort girl I know how she read my mind and give the full pleasure without any hesitation.

Friend If you are in Delhi and looking for an escort girl then I prefer you to book Teena for get an ultimate service, she is very different and special  from other Independent Delhi Escorts girls who are only here for making money not give the service. Every time I come Delhi I always meet or book her service specially and she is the perfect girl.  So dear friends are you boring from get the same ordinary service from escort agencies and want some spark in your life then book her now and get the exclusive and genuine service in delhi.